Blue light: are LEDs dangerous for the eyes?

We talk more and more about the blue light emitted by some LEDs. Generally, in a somewhat negative way. Moreover, that is once again the case today. Researchers tell us how it damages our retina.

Remember that to see; we need photoreceptor cells in full shape. Also, to keep them in shape and to correctly perceive the light that reaches our eyes, they need a supply of molecules called retinal (C20H28O).

Blue and retinal light

However, according to American researchers, it is these same molecules that, exposed to blue light, end up blind us. They trigger reactions that produce killer molecules of photoreceptor cells. So once dead, the photoreceptor cells, unfortunately, do not regenerate.

Today, researchers advise us to protect our eyes by equipping ourselves with glasses capable of filtering blue light. Or not to use smartphones or tablets in the dark. Until a solution is found to block the toxic chemical reaction, they’ve uncovered.

Are LEDs dangerous for the eyes?

A study by Inserm raises the question of the dangers of LED bulbs for vision. In rats, some of the LED wavelengths are toxic to the retina in a mechanism that may promote age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

However, in the absence of pupil dilation, albino rats exposed to long-term LED light (continuously for a week or a month) also show retinal degeneration. So even non-albino rats, known to be protected from photo-induced degeneration, show signs of oxidative stress in their retinas.

Blue LED light is toxic to the retina

Behind the phototoxicity of LED bulbs, a culprit: blue light. Each light source – LED, fluorescent tubes or compact fluorescent bulbs – combines different colors in varying proportions. Also, the potential toxicity of each of them on the retina depends on both the intensity of the light and the wavelengths that compose it.

Although it is probable that the observations made in rats are not transposable as they are in humans, the data from this study are questionable. As a precautionary principle, these data call for the next generation of domestic light bulbs, in which we would reduce the proportion of blue light.

Beware of LED lighting

Some diode lighting lamps, or LEDs, would pose a risk to the eyes, especially children.
Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are increasingly present on the spokes. Designated as ideal due to their low consumption, they multiply in homes or workplaces and flourish in car headlights. However, their light differs quite significantly from other types of lighting, and the usual standards do not suit them.

Its conclusions published in a report cast a shadow on this contemporary lighting, which would not be without risk. The study: wavelength and luminance note two main effects. Diode lights emit a significant proportion of blue light, i.e., short wavelengths.

Cannabis Smokers you should read this !

As there are fewer prejudices, different methods are becoming more and more accessible to the general population.

Smoking cannabis is an instant natural remedy for generations thanks to its ease of use. Now that it is allowed in more and more states and the practical side is a less important factor, it is time to weigh the pros and cons.

So what do the experts think?

With regard to its anti-tumor properties, the prevention of melanoma and the eradication of epilepsy problems and the underlying causes, cannabis oil rich in CDB is the most effective method.

However, if your illness includes chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, loss of appetite and headaches, you should know this:
Many doctors consider vaporizers as the ideal method to consume cannabis. In fact, in Israel, where medical cannabis is legal, sprays can be found in hospitals and retirement homes. Volcano Medical Spray is a medical device also approved in Canada and the EU.

If you smoke cannabis beware of your lung’s health

The effect of vaporization on the lungs is perhaps the best argument for using a vaporizer.

use of a plant vaporizerDoctors have long been reluctant to use cannabis as a medication because of the effects of smoke combustion. Although cannabis smoking has not been proven to cause lung cancer, cannabis burning produces several known carcinogens, which can irritate the lungs and cause chronic bronchitis.

The vaporizers were primarily designed to overcome this problem. By heating cannabis at a temperature below combustion, the apparatus produces an inhalable vapor which always contains the active ingredients of cannabis (cannabinoids), but without the harmful sub-products.

Cannabis vapor removes about 95% of the smoke that is inhaled. In addition, it has been reported that steam increases the yield of anti-inflammatory terpenoids that protect the lungs from irritation.

Research also indicates that spraying can reverse the respiratory symptoms caused by traditional cannabis use.

Most cannabis lovers smoke the product. It is the simplest, the fastest way to get the benefit and for the most enjoyable. But also the least healthy especially in if your goal is to fumer de l’herbe sans tabac !

It is the simplest, the fastest way to get the benefit and for the most enjoyable. But also the least healthy especially in case of intensive use. And yes, inhaling a smoke is always harmful to the respiratory system and that of cannabis is no exception. Especially since it is usually mixed with the hard drug tobacco. A pure herb joint yields three times more tar than a cigarette and five times more carbon monoxide.

Moreover, the smoke of the joint is of higher temperature and often inhaled more intensely and for longer, which is useless, a simple passage in the lungs being equally effective. With the development of the medical use of cannabis appeared a whole bunch of new machines designed to smoke while preserving its lungs.


Merits of Thai Massage Over Other Massages

Thai massage has one large benefit as compared to regular massages because it also massages the therapist in the process. Given that it is traditionally performed on a floor mat, the therapist can use many body components like hands, forearms, elbows, knees, and feet. This makes Thai massage more therapist friendly by allowing the therapist take pressure off their arms.

It is a well-known practice to do half of a Thai massage session with other body components besides arms. Many regular massage therapists mostly carry out massages with their hands which include the danger of wounding thumb or wrist joints that can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

coffret bienvenue bien etreIn Thailand, there is a sizeable amount of female Thai massage therapists who often work mostly with western customers. And a recent study finds that patients from the West find the use of the elbow, feet and knees to be too intense. Additionally, operating on a ground mat lets in for better ergonomics than working on a desk wherein you need to lean over to reach the patron’s frame. On the other hand carrying this out on a floor mat gives you a proper hold over the patient’s frame and allows you use your body weight a lot more efficiently. This reduces pressure on the muscle and is therapist friendly too.

There have been reports on therapists who complained about being no longer able to do western style body massages on a desk. However, they could do Thai massage due to the above-stated benefits. Regularly people want to know what the difference between Thai massage and “average massage.” is the simple answer is a regular western massage is performed at a massage desk.
Thai massage isn’t like the regular massages out there. Traditional massages usually entail lying in one position and getting alloyed for an hour or so — an admirable acquaintance nonetheless.

huiles essentielles pour massageThai massage, as well accepted as a yoga massage, is a little added accurate than an approved Swedish blazon of massage. During a Thai massage, the therapist will measure amplitude you, put you in all kinds of altered positions and beat by applying stress throughout your accomplished physique with thumbs, arms, elbows, anxiety, and knees.

In a Thai massage, the therapist will dispense these activities around meridians until it feels that for some reason it is enough. Once the astriction and breeze of activity have improved, they will activate the stretching. The various types of addition performed during the massage are astounding! The therapist will bend you in aberrant, but absurd means not to hurt you but to get to all areas of your body to ensure you get the best Thai massage experience there is. Find more on Thai massage by following this Twitter Account or this Facebook Account

New Weight Loss Supplement

Many individuals around the world want to find effective ways in which to lose weight so that they feel good and look great around the year. However, diet plans can often take time and can be difficult to achieve. If you want a healthy supplement that can help you to lose weight and gain more energy then why not try Garcinia Cambogia. This healthy supplement is now being used by more and more people around the world, thanks to the health benefits that it offers for those that need to lose weight effectively. The suppliment has often been used as a part of an ingredient in many other weight loss substances but is now being used on its own and is being promoted by leading doctors.

get to the gym you fattyAs with any other health supplements, it is advised that you visit your doctor before taking the medicine, so as to make sure that you can use it in a way that is safe and efficient. Those who are old and who may have heart conditions are advised against taking the product. It is, therefore, important to be fit and active. You should also not replace normal food intake for the supplements and should be able to eat healthily on a regular basis so that you can then take the pills in between meals.

As well as having the ability to suppress the appetite of an individual, the drug can also make you more alert and will help you to enjoy a better quality of life. It is, therefore, a good idea to consider whether you are healthy and fit so that you can try Garcinia Cambogia for yourself. More and more individuals are now choosing to use it and will do so in-between meals. For more information visit the web and you will find lots of information about the product.

An Introduction to Laser Hair Removal

When a person is not happy with the amount of body hair that they have, they can get a laser hair removal treatment. The process will help reduce the amount of body hair a person has with the user of lasers. This process is more efficient than shaving, tweezing, or even waxing according to experts.

A common cosmetic procedure.

Sugar paste used to remove hair

Removing hair with lasers is a common cosmetic procedure. Highly concentrated laser beams are shown onto the hair follicles under the skin. The pigments can absorb this light and destroy hair from the root.

This laser treatment can help remove unwanted hair from the face, legs, underarms, bikini area, as well as other areas. The lasers can remove even dark and coarse hair and will not damage the skin around them.

Modern technology offering comfort.

The laser technology used is able to remove any hair follicles at the same time. It will remove hair in an area the size of a quarter every second that it is used. Before having this treatment, a person should not remove their hair for six weeks. This will allow the lasers to get the hair at the root.

During this laser treatment, a specific process is used. During this process, the outer layers of the skin may be covered with a gel-like substance for protection. A laser will then be used over the area that is being treated to remove the hair. After the laser is used anti-inflammatory cream will be applied to the skin. A person will need to have another laser hair removal treatment in six weeks to prevent the hair from growing back. A person can expect to have a feeling of sunburn a couple of days after having this procedure.

the good old shaver
No need to use the good old shavers…

Laser hair removal will help a person to get finally rid of unwanted hair. This method will prevent the hair from growing back as quickly and over time will prevent body hair from growing back at all.

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